Lately I've moved away from using the words "Global Warming". The phrase has become just another bumper sticker slogan that doesn't completely describe the problem. While the globe has slowly warmed and cooled in long cycles over millennia, in the past 60 or so years this pattern has accelerated. A much more accurate term to use is "Climate Change", but even that's incomplete. Another word needs to be added to the beginning. Rapid.

Now a company based in Washington State, Cooler Skies, is offering the first program of it's kind to reduce your carbon footprint. Here's how it works. You visit their website and book travel plans through one of the many well known travel affiliate links on this page. Not only can flights be reserved, but also other products sold through any of these partners – vacation packages, cruises, accommodations, and rental cars all apply. then will receive a small commission from the sales they generate, and all of the commission earned will be used for the purchase of carbon offsets from a methane recovery project. The growing list of affiliates they partner with include:

Delta Airlines
Virgin Atlantic
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
Westjet (Canada & selected US destinations)
Hilton Hotels
Marriott Hotels
Radisson Hotels
Comfort Suites
Enterprise Rent-A-Car
Thrifty Rent-A-Car
Budget Rent-A-Car

As travelers, we need to reduce the environmental impact of our passion. Purchasing offsets is but one way to mitigate this problem. Next time you're making travel arrangements, pursue your passion through this site. It costs you nothing to get some of the best deals on travel, all the while making a positive contribution towards a solution. To find out more about the Free Offsets Travel Program, call Jack Boyle at 1-877-662-6248.

Written by Steve Smith and Christine Johnson