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Islas y Huacas, Lago de Titicaca

The harbor waters are still. Beyond the sheltered inlet a stiff wind whips the lake into whitecaps. My stomach doesn’t much like these choppy waters. Lake Titicaca This body of water sits just over two miles above sea level and encompasses 3200 square miles, making it...

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An Inca Trail Revelation

Exploring the Inca Trail The Inca Trail Discovery As the sun set beneath the Andean peaks I was drawn to the remains of a tiny ruined hut on a hill overlooking our camp site. It had been a long day so far, the third of a four day Inca Trail trek, and perhaps the...

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Cañon del Colca – The Seed Scatterers of Peru

Ancient cultures all revere the night skies and many myths revolve around the heavens. One of the oldest in the Andes, and one involving a star cluster generating myths in cultures around the globe, concerns the Pleiades. Cañon del Colca I leave Arequipa early on a...

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Much More than Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is a Must but... There is more to Peru! To most, Peru is the country where Machu Picchu is located. Yes, this is true, and what an incredible landmark to boast: the incredible Inca ruins made up of huge rock structures built without mortar—so perfect that...

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Learn Spanish in Peru

Learn Spanish in Peru Llama Expeditions to Host Spanish Language Learning Adventure November 2013 in Peru SAN FRANCISCO, CA, June 13, 2013 – Andean trekking specialist Llama Expeditions will host a 9-day Spanish immersion program in Peru Nov. 9-17, 2013, that combines...

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Solstice Sun Peru

Solstice Sun Peru Inca Festival Returns in June 2013 DENVER, Colo.— Each year on June 24th, one of the largest and most colorful celebrations in Latin America erupts on the cobbled streets of Cusco, Peru. In the colonial city at 11,150 feet above sea level and gateway...

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Family Friendly Peru

  Peru Travel Specialist Launches New Family-Friendly Itineraries Aracari Travel, an award-winning travel agency based in Lima, Peru, has announced a range of new family-friendly tour itineraries for summer 2013. Responding to increasing demand for family-oriented...

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LAN Airlines Offers Spring Specials to South America

(MIAMI, FL, March 2012) – LAN Airlines, South America’s premier carrier, and its affiliates invite passengers to celebrate the arrival of springtime by booking a trip to South America. Savvy travelers can get a head start on planning a summer getaway this year by...

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LAN Airlines Announces the Biggest Deal of the Year

 (MIAMI, November 28, 2011) – LAN Airlines, South America´s premier air carrier, and its affiliates announce the biggest deal of the year! Passengers looking to travel to South America next year can book now through December 12, 2011 and enjoy savings on trips to...

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Trafalgar Expands Family Experiences with New Itineraries

(Anaheim, October 2011) – With family travel in high demand, Trafalgar has introduced four exciting new itineraries in the 2012 Family Experiences brochure. Now adding up to 18 itineraries, the Family Experiences guided vacations are activity-packed and designed...

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