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The Best Show in Cusco, Peru

I had the good fortune to be in Cusco, Peru, for much of June with a group. The itinerary featured being in the city for Inti Raymi, the Return of the Sun. Marking the winter solstice, this is one of the biggest ceremonies in South America, held every June 24 in Cusco...

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Update: Access to Machu Picchu

(LIMA, PERU) - Given the situation of tourists unable to access Machu Picchu due to limited capacity, Rocio Merino, Director of Tourism Promotion of PromPerú, has stated: 1.     The Master Plan of the archaeological park of Machu Picchu, which was elaborated by the...

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Amantani Island, Lake Titicaca

After four hours on a boat from Puno, its single engine huffed and puffed along the still waters of  Lake Titicaca, we arrived on Amantai, largest freshwater lake in South America. “Hola! Hola!” The locals were already waiting; arms waving, dressed in their cleanest...

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Machu Picchu, After the Flood

No longer is Machu Picchu a mere half-day train/bus journey from Cusco. (Note the Peruvian spelling, with an “s”, not a “z”.) The devastating flood in late January took out large sections of train track, stranding not only thousands of frightened tourists, but dozens...

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My Last Day in South America

On my last day in South America, I wake up to the calm sound of rain falling atop the metal roof.  Two days before I was tanning on a cushioned lounge chair along the water of Mancora Beach, Peru my mind dizzied, almost drunk, on sun and relaxation. But now I am in...

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Trujillo, A Welcome Change of Plans

The plan was to leave Lima early and spend the better part of the week soaking up sun on the sandy beaches of Mancora. The rumor is Mancora is a warm surfer´s paradise, and after spending most of the past five weeks in freezing temperatures I felt that I deserved a...

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Week 5: The Best Week Ever pt.4

Thursday- I find myself in an honest to goodness desert oasis. Huacachina is a tiny village that surrounds an even tinier lagoon in the middle of grand desert dunes. I sit at the edge of the lagoon under a palm tree and watch Peruvian children sled down the sands and...

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Week 5: The Best Week Ever pt.2

Tuesday - I eat my last Cuzco meal in the markets of San Pedro. The nourishing lentils and rice warms my belly and remind me of home, Peruvian comfort food. I stroll along cobble stone streets one last time to take it all in, stopping in the Plaza de Armas to watch a...

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Week 5: The Best Week Ever pt.1

Monday - Sitting on top of a pile of carefully placed stones creating the edge of a terrace for ancient crops, my feet dangling over the edge of a gorge, my eyes keen on the sky that is continually brightening in a misty dawn. It´s about 6AM Monday morning in the...

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A Ride at Cuzcoland

Upon arriving in Cuzco, Peru I was immediately astounded by the beautiful Colonial architecture (built on top of Incan structures), grand churches, quaint cobble stoned roads, and quiet plazas decorated with trees and fountains. I was quickly put at ease by the...

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A Poem for the Sacred Lake

Lake Titicaca was known to the Incas as a sacred lake. Over the last few days, I have been able to visit islands on both the Bolivian and Peruvian sides, and walking the stoney paths, looking out to the ruins, marveling over the breathtaking views, it is easy to find...

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