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Holidays to Remember in Puerto Rico

Holidays to Remember in Puerto Rico

Why not spend this year’s holiday season away from the busy and frigid locales typically associated with the season?  How about a getaway where travelers can experience a white Christmas with beaches instead of snow? Puerto Rico celebrates Christmas and New...

A Hat-Start in Puerto Rico

It was somewhat unfortunate that the cruise ship I was on docked in San Juan of Puerto Rico at 6.30pm and was scheduled to leave at midnight. That left few hours to explore and, to make it worse, in the dark and drizzling rain. Never one to be deterred by any...

Getting Lost, then Not

There is a certain joy to walking through streets of a newly visited city, just to get lost. I had been spending most of my afternoon in Old San Juan finding shade under skinny trees, watching the most cheerful protest ever (I thought it was just a well-organized...

Travel Thoughts: 37,000 Foot Queasy

This week I had the pleasure of visiting the most shocking vacation spot I have seen in ages, San Juan, Puerto Rico. It’s shocking in a good way. Why don’t more people know about this fantastic island? I am not sure, but as a West Coast native, I never even hear...

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