The snow is just starting to fall and I am told by locals that it is only going to get worse. "The weather will just keep getting colder. Then it is really going to freeze." Still that didn't stop me from exploring Montréal. I just bundle up like everyone else and took my visible breath into the streets. Downtown Montréal is like most big city centers — lots of shops and eateries and things to do and see. I like Montréal and appreciate it's feel, old buildings and crowds. It is a little like New York City but without any concern of crime.

However, did I mention the cold? Yes, I did stop in shops when I needed to warm up. Then I would run back out into the chill and forage some more. Until a local tour operator turned me on to a great bit of news, Montréal has 22 miles of underground city. Passages and doorways reach all around. While some of the lengths come from

resmontrealdg125I recommend visitors looking for small sign posts along the streets, some of the best are found along Rue Saint Catherine, R Ē S ↓. These signs will let visitors know where the entrances are to the underground shops are all over the place. They are not noticeable but offer warmth and food courts and loads of traditional shops of Quebec although I did run into a McDonalds and a Starbucks along the way. Just enter the door nearest the R Ē S ↓ sign and look for an escalator going down. I loved it and yes, it is possible to get lost down there for hours. However, as Montréal is a grid and extremely walkable it is hard to get too lost.