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Yes, I have at one time or another have worked with these companies and used their services both professionally and as a traveler. This will be a slowly evolving section on ITKT but the following products and services I have used and highly recommend.

Great Photos!


Straight up! Luminar is my favorite photo editing software ever! I use it daily. It couldn’t be easier to use, and whether you are a complete novice or a long-time, professional software you will love Luminar and all of Macphun’s photo editing software.

Great Travel Blogging Tools!

Great Tours!

Flotours is a tour operator specializing in 31 countries around the world. I have been on several tours including: Turkey, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia.

You can read a review of Flotours Turkey. And watch my videos on Azerbaijan or Armenia

Great Flights!



Great Accommodations and Vacations!



So you know: Some of the links in this page and in the sidebars on ITKT are affiliate links. If you purchase a product, I might earn a commission, but not always. If I do get a commission you will never pay more and in many cases you will pay less than normal. Also, every company I have added here are companies that I know, like and trust. The few bucks I make here will help to pay for site maintenance and for stories you read on ITKT. Thanks for your support!

Gear and Book reviews you’ll love!

From One of Our Writers

Bradley Fink has been one of our talented writers and here is a release on his first collections of stories. How exciting! We, at ITKT, wish Brad much success and maybe even a Pulitzer. devin Editor ITKT A new book has been published and released, Sketches of a Young...

The New Backpack

I still have my old backpack in the garage. Yes, the one with all the hand-sewn patches on it from the different countries I have visited. While I have stopped using that backpack, I still collect the patches when visiting a new country. I do it for my daughter who I...

More than a Guide

I like books. Actually, I love books. I love them compulsively, and rarely have I ever stopped at my local bookstore without coming home with something -- much to the chagrin of my hallway and overstuffed bookcases, which are both littered with books. So I when I went...

Beating Jetlag

One of the drags about Los Angeles is leaving Los Angeles. Almost all international flights tend to be well over ten hours. Anything outside of Mexico, Canada, and Hawaii becomes a lengthy consideration. Since I primarily travel international, almost all of my travel...

Top 10 Marrakech

I haven't been to Morocco yet. I came close while in southern Spain a few years back, but there just wasn't enough time. The two hours ferry ride each way would have left me with a brief moment in Tangiers and a race against time to get to my plane in Sevilla. I am...

Getting Lost, then Not

There is a certain joy to walking through streets of a newly visited city, just to get lost. I had been spending most of my afternoon in Old San Juan finding shade under skinny trees, watching the most cheerful protest ever (I thought it was just a well-organized...

Books at Last!

I am a book lover. I am not just saying that. I am an obsessive compulsive book buyer and am usually good for a sack of books a week. I will read almost anything and my home isn't getting any bigger. It is getting smaller, less and less space for me and my family as...

Kiribati book review

A few months back I, as ITKT Editor, had pondered about what to do with the problem of finding a story about Vanuatu for ITKT readers. That's not entirely true. I could find something about Vanuatu, just nothing from my personal experience or anything from any other...

Getting ‘Dirty’ in Japanese

Even though I know English is widely spoken in Japan, I have often pointed out the importance of letting the locals know that I bothered to learn something of their language before traveling there. I usually memorize a few essential phrases and courtesies and then...

Last Second Deals

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