Somewhere in Dakar

Senegal travel stories

Transportation in Senegal

Hit the Road…In Senegal! My love for Senegal is an acquired love, much like wine. At first I wrinkled my nose at it, and now I just can’t stop drinking it all in. I love the mixture of people, the big bowls of peanut sauce on rice, the open friendliness, and the...

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Meet Me in St. Louis, Senegal

Before I came to Senegal, the only St. Louis I was familiar with was the one that houses The Arch as its feature tourist attraction and was the inspiration for a musical in which Judy Garland belts out, “Meet me in St.Louis, Louis, Meet me at the fair…” And don’t get...

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Finding Magic in Kedougou

As a young girl, I always wished I could soar on the back of a dragon into the misty mountains. In my fantasy world, I would fight alongside the elves of the forest and fairies of the river to defeat whatever evil lurked within that mysterious land. Kedougou, the...

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A Toubaco in Senegal

A Toubaco in Senegal Toubaco! Toubaco! I listened to the girls shout the name that marked me as an outsider. Toubahako, one bolder girl shouted, adding the offensive -hako to the end of the word. I biked by them and pretended to be interested in the road in front of...

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