Sounds like a redundant title for a country the size of the state of Missouri, I know. But after being in Montevideo and visiting beach towns along the coast of Rocha, the time had arrived to visit a very small community. I chose Estacion Pedrera in the county of Canelones. The director of ViviUruguay showed me around their little village.

There was a church, a school, an old train station, a few houses, and a tiny general store that acted as a bar as well. My Spanish is solid, but I couldn’t understand more than a few words from the locals inside the store/bar for some odd reason. Doubting my Spanish skills, I left the bar (that does not permit women to enter). As we continued on the informal walking tour of the town, it happened. I spotted the figure quickly and with excitement. A “Gaucho” rode his horse past me, followed by his obedient dog.

Being in the city and in touristy areas, one is not confronted with the almost mythical figure of the Gaucho with his storied history in the fight for and representation of early Uruguay. With his beret hat and olive skin Mr. Gaucho galloped past me with a very Gaucho smile. I look forward to meeting more of them in the coming days.

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