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Traveling in Spain? What not to Expect!

What to Expect Traveling in Spain Visiting Spain Spain has been welcoming millions of tourists from all over the world for decades. And with its heat, colorful history, friendly locals, and incredible food scene it’s easy to see why. Traveling in Spain is an...

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Traveling to Andalusía, Spain

  Not many people have been to Andalusía, and much of it makes no difference to her and Spain. She's unique and special, with a special charm that is worth experiencing and retelling. I am happy to share some of my impressions of beautiful Andalusía. Seville,...

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Driving the White Villages of Andalucia

Andalucia and its White Villages Driving Southern Spain Driving in a foreign country can intimidate the best of us. My first time driving in Southern Spain, I worried about mysterious traffic rules and weird signage – all of which would be in español! How would I...

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Van Life in the South of Spain

Van Life Everywhere I looked online, van travel was stylishly portrayed. Elegant people draped over beautiful hand-made bedspreads; friends laughing, beers in hand and the soft golden light of dusk illuminating the happiness that only life on the road can bring. Vans...

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Fighting Spanish Bulls in Madrid

Last weekend in Madrid, I did the something I never thought I’d do: I attended a bullfight. Despite public outcry in recent years, bullfighting (or, Corrida del Toros, as Spaniards say), is still legal in all provinces of Spain except Catalonia, and quite popular....

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Exploring the
“Route of the Faces”
in Spain

I live in southern Spain and recently visited a good friend in Madrid – the capital city, right in the heart of the country. While I love the city, its vibe, the shopping and the food, I felt I needed an escape from the crowds and noise, and my friend came up with...

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Bandits of Barcelona

Retrospectively my priorities were probably somewhat skewed, but I remember experiencing a strong sense of loss for the chocolate that was in my bag. Admittedly it wasn't any ordinary chocolate, but a chocolate with the pinnacle percentile of cocoa, which is 78 by the...

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Uncovering Mojacar Man in a Spanish Resort

Travel Mojacar Our First Time in Mojacar This was the first trip to Mojacar for my wife and I. This resort town in the Province of Almería, southern Spain is pronounced “Mahaca” and shouldn’t be confused with the island of Majorca. Before we booked our trip...

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Real Basque Country Cuisine

  Five Transformative Food Experiences in Basque Country KANSAS CITY, MO, Oct. 1, 2013 – For authentic dining and people experiences, a specialist in cultural travel suggests foregoing the so-called “trophy” restaurants and sitting down at simpler tables. For...

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Pintxos, San Sebastian, Basque Country

Pintxos in San Sebastian When Seeing Pintxos, Think Tapas Pintxos, In Spain’s Basque country, it’s important to know a few words of the Basque language especially in the city of San Sebastián. This hotbed of Basque nationalism is known as, Donostia, locally and...

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