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If you had asked me 10 years ago about travel to Syria, I would have easily promoted it. Everyone I have met who has travel to Syria loved it. Damascus and Palmyra were incredible. Sadly, the site, which is depicted in the above photo, according to Wikipedia, was destroyed in 2017. Obviously this is a tragic loss of history, culture and architecture can never be replaced.

I think part of the reason, why I keep war torn and dangerous places on In The Know Traveler is that I am still hopeful that change can and will occur. Perhaps not now, but maybe at sometime in the near future, we can go anywhere in the world.

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Syria travel stories

Baalbeck, Lebanon and Palmyra, Syria

Baalbeck, Lebanon's greatest Roman treasure, can be counted among the wonders of the ancient world. The largest Roman temples ever raised, they are built on an ancient tell that goes back at least to the end of the third millennium BC. The Romans placed the Temple of...

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Krak des Chevaliers, Syria

The hill on which Krak des Chevaliers was constructed, was originally the site of a smaller fort called the "Castle on the slope". The Emir of Homs, who garrisoned his Kurdish soldiers there to protect the Syrian interior, took it over in 1011. In 1110, the Crusaders...

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