Yesterday was a long day of planes, boats, and automobiles. But now I am awake, ready and aboard the Pinguino, my home for the week as I sail the British Virgin Islands with Sunsail and Discover Boating. I am heading to sea shortly and will spend the days sailing and the evenings, well, we shall see! It is so beautiful here and everyone has been amazingly kind and helpful. We are part of a flotilla this week, thirteen boats that will sail through the day and meet up at different islands each night.

I grew up sailing, spending one month a year on my father’s boat. I didn’t know then what a privilege it was, and I am delighted to have the chance to do it again as an adult. This time with my girlfriend, Captain Alden, and our Discover Boating friend Dana who has already proved to be great fun.

I’ll do my best to blog every day and to post pictures of our adventures as well.

I just hope I remember how to do all of this boating stuff: sheets and sails, docks and moorings, skippers and first mates. Hopefully, it’ll all come back to me quickly. The boat is a 39-foot beauty and we were lucky enough to score the vee-berth. With the cool island breeze blowing in and the soft sea rocking beneath, I slept like a rock. Of course, the long day of travel didn’t hurt either when it comes to the exhaustion department either!

Well, I have to run. Have to help cast off. See you around the island!

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