Sardinia is one of the most gorgeous places in the world. The second-largest island across the Mediterranean Sea, it’s got a variety of ecosystems — including steams, rocky coasts, sandy beaches, woods, plains, and mountains. It’s definitely a dream attraction for all those who love to travel and a must-visit destination if you’re in the Mediterranean. The views are just so fantastic with loads of different options; no wonder it’s such a popular place to go for tourists and travellers!

For those who want to visit, here are some of the top things to see when you’re planning on a trip to this lush location.


For those that love something a bit different checkout Argentiera. A ghost town a stone throw’s away from Sassari on the West coast, this former mining town has a history that goes all the way back to Ancient Rome.

This town is now part of a Unesco-protected collection of eight areas collectively known as the Parco Geominerario. Explore abandoned mine buildings at the beaches close by.

La Pelosa Beach

There are so many beautiful beaches across the island, but La Belosa Beach is definitely one of the nicest. With soft white sandy beaches and turquoise waters — as well as a view of the island of Asinara — there’s also a 17th century tower just to keep things interesting.


This is one of the prettiest towns in Italy that has everything you could possibly want including beautiful beaches, spa hotels, and a castle. The rock formation that’s Roccia dell’Elefante is an interesting one to check out as well as the Museo dell’Intreccio Mediterraneo — a museum dedicated to the art of basket weaving that is popular on the island.


Based in the Barbagia hills, this is a lovely little town that’s probably best known for its carnival costumes and masks. Mamuthones wear black leather and large bells and the Issohadores wear hats and red-and-black outfits. Definitely a site to be seen so worth having a look for a cultural experience like no other. For fans of art, there’s also a carved grantie stone sculpture that dates back to 3200 BCE called Menhir of Perda Pinta.

Hire a boat

If you want to get the best out of experiencing any island, it’s worth hiring a boat. You can see the beaches and views in a totally different light. To hire a boat in Sardinia means you are getting the most luxurious of all the activities. There are loads of options that can suit almost every budget, from small boats to yachting (where you can even get your own private chef!).

Santa Teresa Gallura

An oasis of blues, greens, vegetations, boulders and clear seas, Santa Teresa Gallura is located on the Strait of Bonifacio. Check out the beaches or visit Giants’ Tomb — an archaeological site from the Bronze Age. During the summer season the main piazza is abuzz with restaurants, shops and more.

Neptune’s Grotto

If you’re visiting Sardinia, you can’t miss out on Neptune’s Grotto. The long seaside staircase will take you down to one of the most beautiful natural wonders you’ve ever experienced. Taking its name from the Roman god of the sea, Neptune, the Grotto is home to a large saltwater lake, stalagmites, and stalactites. It’s an otherworldly experience that you need to see. If you’re not so keen on climbing down and up the 656 steps, you can’t always take a boat from Port of Alghero harbour or hire yacht charters at Borrow a Boat, and sail around this natural beauty.

Murals Orgosolo

Based in the mountain town of Barbagia, the buildings in the town of Orgosolo are a canvass to some incredible muralists. Going all the way back to 1960, this practice makes for an incredible and very Instagrammable view. There’s political statements, aesthetic art work, and depictions of daily life expressed in these murals. One not to be missed for any art love.

Su Nuraxi di Barumini

Into your archaeology? You can’t beat Su Nuraxi di Barumini. These ancient structures are rife with mystery. Considered one of the finest examples of Bronze Age civilization villages by experts, the site has actually been listed as a Unesco World Heritage site.

For history and archaeology buffs, this will make your trip to Sardinia extra great.

Gola di Gorropu

Known as Italy’s very own Grand Canyon, Gola di Gorropu is located in a huge chasm on the Supramonte mountain. Almost a mile wide and dropping down 1,500ft, it’s a fantastic spot for those who love to hike as well as rivers you can swim and raft in. If you’re into mythology, keep your eyes and ears ready for Sa Mama de Gorropu — Sardinia’s own Bigfoot of which there have been sightings in the past!

Capo Testa

For one of the most scenic spots in the world, check out Capo Testa in north Sardinia. The Granite boulders have been sculpted by the wind into soft shapes, with crystal clear waters. If you look closely within them, you can spot submerged columns from the Roman era. For the best experience visit at the end of the day as the sun slowly sinks into the horizon.