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A Trek to Mount Genyen – Eastern Tibet

Tibet has always been a dream for many travelers. Its giant snowy mountains, endless grasslands, lakes, rivers, as well as its unique local culture make this place like a magnet. It was a magnet for me too. Basically, I always try to travel to new places, to not...

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The Tibetan Travel Buddy, the Yak

‘Yakety-Yak don’t talk back’, would have been my answer a while back, if you ever asked me to tell you all I know about Yaks. However, as I photograph my newly-found shaggy friend, it’s a completely different story. Let me explain. At the moment I am on a high....

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In’s and Out’s of Getting a Tibet Permit

Boulder, CO – July 30, 2008 – With all the travel to China for the Olympics, the rules have changed to get a Chinese visa, which impacts many people traveling to Tibet. Here is everything you need to know to get your Tibet travel permit and your Chinese visa. TIBET...

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Asia Tourism Update

Tibet delays May 1 re-opening - Natasha Dragun, Beijing (2008-04-24) TOURISM officials in the Tibet Autonomous Region have announced that international tourists would not be allowed back into Tibet on May 1 (a national holiday) as previously planned. Officials said...

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Tibet Re-Opens to Tourists

The government of Tibet Autonomous Region has announced it will officially re-open the area to tourists on May 1. Lhasa re-opened Potala Palace on March 26 for the first time since business was suspended due to recent riots. In recent years, tourism has become an...

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TCS-Expeditions World’s Great Faiths

SEATTLE, WA – When Jennifer DuBois, vice president of operations at TCS Expeditions read the book “Geography of Religion,” published by National Geographic, she was determined to create a quest that would allow travelers to explore and experience the world’s great...

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From Yak to Beijing

I arrived back in Beijing at the Beijing Sports University exhausted after delayed flights and bad airline "food." The true delay was that some of my classmates decided to bring much of Tibet back with them in their luggage and so the group had to wait and help with...

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Xi Ning, Tibet with Eileen

We spent our first 2 days in Xi Ning, which is actually Northern China/Northern Tibet. We have been driving by van through Northern China into Tibet, stopping at monasteries, and meeting people. Today I saw the Yellow River, which looks just like Chocolate...

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The Smell of Yak

Everything here smells like Yak. The smell I have been mistaking for Yak for the past few days is actually the smell of urine mixed with clay. The "bathrooms" here are actually sometimes semi-enclosed spaces of ground/clay with a high end and a low end. To use it, you...

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New Service Between Chengdu & Amsterdam

CHENGDU, China – April 20, 2006 - China Southern Airlines, (NYSE: ZNH, HKSE: 1055, SHA 600029) - www.cs-air.com/en - with the largest and most technically advanced aircraft fleet in The People's Republic of China has expanded its code-share agreement with KLM Royal...

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