I have been torn many times on what to do. I sit on a bus, hear some guy singing horribly, and then he approaches the passengers for a few coins. The voice bothered me, the ambiance of the ride changed for the worse while the tunes were belted out, but I know that this guy is hurting for cash and trying his best to make ends meet. Should I give him money?  How about on the next bus ride later today and the two tomorrow?

And with kids…this is something to be weary of. Here in Montevideo, Uruguay there is a problem with a drug called “Pasta Base” which is essentially the residuals of cocaine…the scraps of the chemicals. It is strong, very addictive, and is said to kill the user within three years (or so I have been hearing).  Some of the kids use the money for the drugs. Some of them give their lazy parents or family members the day’s earnings. Bottom line, I just don’t know where the money is going.  I’ve gotten used to buying some crackers or some small snack these past few week…to some mixed responses.  One guy even told me off for giving him crackers, then asked for more money.

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