Just like my first post featuring the urban art murals in Corvallis, I again exercised my Travel-at-Home under lockdown option to walk the downtown core and surroundings, capturing more of the 30+ art installations for you.

 Cougar Under the Bridge, urban canvas

Cougar Under the Bridge by Marnie Ernst Zoa

Urban Canvas: Cougar Under The Bridge

Commissioned by the Corvallis Police Community Livability Unit.

Property Sponsor: Oregon Department of Transportation
Financial Sponsor: Corvallis Miller Paint
Coordinator: Josh Zessin, Corvallis Police Dept.

Unknown, urban canvas

Unknown (Psychedelia?) By Unknown

Urban Canvas: Unknown

A Cannabis Dispensary

Property Sponsor: Hi Quality Dispensary
Financial Sponsor: Hi Quality Dispensary

 Cultural Transformation, urban canvas

Cultural Transformation by Rip Cronk

Urban Canvas: Cultural Transformation

A nod to female empowerment.

Property Sponsor: Janet & Paul Hochfeld
Financial Sponsor: Bill Siebler, Rip Cronk

 A Banner for Nature, urban canvas

A Banner for Nature by Ben Jay

Urban Canvast: A Banner for Nature

Detail from a mural depicting a salmon leaping from the Willamette River.

Property Sponsor: Greg Little
Financial Sponsor: Benton County Cultural Coalition
Coordinator: Mike Wiener

 Red-Tailed Hawk, urban canvas

Red-Tailed Hawk by Alice Marshall

Urban Canvas: Buteo jamaicensis, Red-Tailed Hawk

The first interactive mural to be painted in Corvallis. The space between the wings is there to encourage us to stand in front of the wings and take a mural selfie.

Property Sponsor: Hugh & Elizabeth White
Financial Sponsor: Running Princess Apparel
Photo Credit: Bob Loewen
Coordinator: Jennifer Moreland, Corvallis Mural Project

A Call to Balance, urban canvas

A Call to Balance by Erica Greminger

Urban Canvas: A Call to Balance

In the chaotic and technological world today, a blue heron take to ponder our connection to all things, and reminds us that patience and awareness are a necessary part of life.

Property Sponsor: SP&B Printing
Financial Sponsor: Charles & Lynette Field
Coordinator: Jennifer Moreland, Corvallis Mural Project

 Bad Habits,

Bad Habits by Badder Israel

Urban Canvas: Bad Habits

On the side of yet another Cannabis Dispensary (this is a college town, remember?)
Property Sponsor: Green Room
Financial Sponsor: Green Room

 Pop Culture Portraits, urban art

Pop Culture Portraits by Cindy & Lisa

Urban Canvas: Pop Culture Portraits

Property Sponsor: American Dream Pizza
Financial Sponsor: American Dream Pizza

Written and Photographed by: Steve Smith

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