Best Ice Cream in Dolores Hidalgo, Mexico

Best ice cream in Mexico,Ice cream Dolores Hidalgo,Helados Aguilar

In Dolores Hidalgo getting an ice cream sample at Helados Aguilar

The Pueblos Magicos in Guanajuato

Somewhere between Guanajuato and the San Miguel Allende, Mexico, sits at bit of inspirational heaven, Dolores Hildalgo. Dolores Hildalgo is a proverbial charming Mexican town replete with the assignation of 'Pueblos Magicos', one of the thirty or so cities designated by the Mexican government as super cute and tour worthy of restoration and visitors.

However, this is not the inspirational heaven I was talking about. I was also not referring to the importance of the city as the site when Miguel Hidalgo called for Mexican independence on September 16, 1810.
As with so much of Mexico, much of what I love hides in plain site. It was the unassuming lady selling Helados Aguilar ice cream that really struck a chord with me "“ actually, a lot of chords. There were about 30 flavors. Sure she had the classics, chocolate, vanilla and strawberry, but why settle when flavors like cheese, shrimp, rose petals and traditional mole poblano are on the menu. I gobbled up as much as I could.

Helados Aguilar in Dolores Hidalgo, Mexico

Helados Aguilar,Dolores Hidalgo,ice cream Mexico,She handed me throw-away wooden spoons with dollops of ice samples from tin containers sitting in wooden drums packed in ice — real old-school ice cream fun. As I tasted, I learned Helados Aguilar was now in its third generation of ice cream makers and has over 70 flavors total, with many being seasonal. I eventually rewarded myself with a large cup of pine nut ice cream, although I almost went with something called, Beso de Angel (Angel Kiss in English).

I found Helados Aguilar's rolling cart on the perimeter of the town plaza, across from the main church — which is currently being restored. Personally, I tried almost everything and the stop was well worth my time. It was muy delicioso. More than that, maybe the best ice cream in the world.

The Jose Alfredo Jiminez Museum in Dolorus Hidalgo

Jose Alfredo Jiminez,Jose Alfredo Jiminez museum

Honoring Jose Alfredo Jiminez.

While the main church and plaza are great for history, people watching, and general gluttony, as a music lover I also enjoyed visiting the birthplace, turned museum, of Jose Alfredo Jiminez.

While his name was initially lost on me, I soon discovered the charro (think stylish singing cowboy) crooner is immortal in Mexico. Jiminez is one of the most prolific and popular singer/songwriters in western culture. I was particularly impressed by the mural dedicated to Jiminez at the museum.

More photos of Helados Aguilar and the Jose Alfredo Jiminez Museum

Written and photographed by Devin Galaudet

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Mexico’s Best Ice Cream and Homage to It’s Best Singer from Dolores Hidalgo