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Minas, Uruguay

Dominic keeps his Montevideo Blog at: movingmontevideo.blogspot.com. Follow his adventures or ask questions on this site.

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On the Hunt for Carne in Montevideo, Uruguay

A few years ago I tasted the most amazing, soft, juicy, buttery meat I have ever experienced. I asked for my meat to be cooked as raw as possible, and I was delighted with the results. This was in Salta, Argentina. Being here in Uruguay for 4 months I have been...

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To Give Or Not To Give in Uruguay

I have been torn many times on what to do. I sit on a bus, hear some guy singing horribly, and then he approaches the passengers for a few coins. The voice bothered me, the ambiance of the ride changed for the worse while the tunes were belted out, but I know that...

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Carnival Times Continue in Montevideo,

It's the longest Carnival in the world - 40 days of party right? I had my reservations...what kind of place (and who) could join festivities for 40 days straight? Impossible. But I have been proven wrong, once again. And last night I experienced my favorite...

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Hostel Finds

Hostels are a beautiful way to get to know a new place.  Most times the owners/workers enjoy sharing views on their respective cities or towns (unlike some of the hotels I have occasionally stayed at).  And they do so without expecting tips as well. But one of the...

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Murgas, Humoristas, Parodistas, and More of Carnival

There is more than one style of Carnival performers competing for the best group title here in Montevideo, Uruguay.  We have the murga groups who sing and dance (a little, and a little strangely) about current issues...many times focused on political themes.  The...

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Here Comes Carnival…In Montevideo

The festivities where scheduled to begin last night for one of (if not the) longest Carnival celebrations in the world.  But something(one) upstairs was not ready to start; hence the strongest downpour of rain that I have seen here in the past 3 months...

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Punta del Este, Uruguay

I have been hearing about this beach town since I arrived here in Montevideo.  From everything I heard, it sounded like a Miami in Uruguay.  I had to go, clearly. 2 hours outside of Montevideo rests the town of Punta del Este.  During the months of January and...

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Mercado del Puerto and Feliz Año

A lot of my friends headed for the beaches of Punta del Este or Rocha for Uruguay's New Year times.  But I had heard of the spectacle here in town.  From everything I heard, on the day of the 31st the Mercado del Puerto sounded like a soggy version of Marti Gras in...

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And the Ringing Continues

It was New Year time, and there was no other place I was looking to be than in Montevideo.  And more specifically at the Mercado del Puerto area in Ciudad Vieja.  Everything that I heard about the day of the 31st (yes, the celebrations start at noon in the daytime)...

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