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My Ears Are Still Ringing – Montevideo, Uruguay

So the festivities are all done here in Uruguay.  And these people thoroughly enjoy their chance to let loose - specifically letting loose of their fireworks.  If I were magically transported to Uruguay on Christmas Eve without knowing where I had been placed, had...

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Dancing with the Stars

I haven't been able to watch much television here in Uruguay, but of the programs I have seen, their version (actually Argentina's version but it is widely viewed here as well) of Dancing with the Stars is by far the most memorable.  For a couple of reasons: 1) Not...

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The Small Things of Uruguay

I am not speaking of the country's geographical size (that of Missouri, if you are curious).  But rather in their detail to life, taking it easy, and at times appreciating the simpler side to the day. Specific examples: 1) Yesterday I walked through the  main Plaza...

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The Accent of South America’s Switzerland

I grew up about an hour and a half from Mexico's border...and the border town of Tijuana.  Yes, I made desultory visits to this town when underage to, um, check out the local artisan crafts.  But the point being that I arrived speaking a Mexican Spanish with a...

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“Murga” in Uruguay’s Streets

The first night I arrived to Montevideo, outside of my place I heard the rhythmic, powerful, and (at this time upon arrival) alarming pounding of hand drums.  Since then I have heard this music, along with chorus singing, every weekend night and a few nights...

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“Los Gordos” in Uruguay

After spending close to a month here in Uruguay, I have made my conclusion.  Although the cultures and roots of the people in Argentina and Uruguay are very similar, as expected, people here are bigger.  Do they eat more of the delicious meat that both countries...

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A Montevideo Test Passed

I am learning the ways of being a local...sort of.  Sure, I walk down the street and people can tell (from my clothes perhaps?) that I don't exactly fit the bill as a Montevidean.  But let's not focus on this for now. Just yesterday I received a fantastic...

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Uruguay – Tierra of Beef, Mate, and Water

What more could anyone ask for? You eat some of the best beef in the world for your main course every day.  During your time off work, or during a leisurely stroll along the "Rambla" in Montevideo, you drink the best mate in South America.  And when you are full of...

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Dinner at Montevideo

It's 12:43 in the morning here in the Ciudad Vieja (the touristy part of the center of the city).  I have just returned from eating dinner with a new Uruguayan friend.  This doesn't sound strange, does it?  Dinners always can run late with a few drinks and good...

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Montevideo’s Banking

I've become a bit tired of getting charged five dollars, at least, on every transaction I enter into on the ATMs out here.  Well, I haven't used them that much yet, but I will get tired of them very soon.  So off to the Banco Republica de Uruguay I went today.  I...

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Montevideo Times

I've been in Montevideo, Uruguay for a week now.  This is a smaller South American capital - some 1.7 million people.   I am here to live for awhile, to figure out the people, and most importantly to decide if I like what the city has to offer.    A few years...

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