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Antigua and Barbuda travel stories

Learnin’ Creole in Antigua

Island Arrival I touch down at a modern airport that began life as a dusty WWII airstrip. The sole immigration officer present carefully looks over my paperwork, but waves me through with a full toothed smile and a few words in a thick local island dialect - "ya mon -...

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Flyin’ Solo at Sandals

Sandals Grande Antigua I bet you’re like me, a traveler with a jones for the tropical getaway. So when I get the opportunity for a long weekend visit to Sandals and tell my friends about this good fortune, they ask – “what’s a single traveler got to do at a couple's...

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St John’s, Capital of Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua boasts of its 365 beaches, one for each day of the year, so I could understand the pained look on the taxi driver’s face when a cruise ship tourist asked him to take her to the beach for three hours. I was at Redcliffe Quay in St John’s, the capital of...

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Barbuda Facts

LOCATION/SIZE: Barbuda (Bar-byew’ da), which lies 27 miles northeast of its sister island Antigua, has a land area of 62-square-miles. A low lying coral island, known for its untouched pink coral and white sand beaches, its highest point is only 125 feet above sea...

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Upcoming Antigua and Barbuda Events

January Mon, 1st - New Year’s Day: Public Holiday - Exhibition at Museum of Antigua & Barbuda – ‘Step Back in Time.’ For further information: 268-462-1469/4930 Sat, 6th – Sat, 27th - Exhibition at Harmony Hall For further information: 268-460-4120 - Exhibition at...

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