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Eye on Saitama, Japan

North of Tokyo in Saitama The Suburb of Saitama Driving through the suburbs of Tokyo, the roadside is dotted with familiar sites such as: an auto body shop, a town barber and clusters of modest suburban houses, each with a lone fruit tree in the front yard. It could...

How to Stay in Japan’s Ryokan

A View of the Ryokan     Ryokan Basics Traditional Japanese inns, or ryokans, originated in the Edo period (1603-1868), but are still alive and well today in the island nation, allowing modern day travelers to experience centuries-old customs, like sleeping on a futon...

Japan’s New Tourism Landmarks

(New York, NY, November 3, 2011) -- Japan’s recent new tourism landmarks will signify Japan’s cultural and industrial richness.  Cherishing the unique history as well as advancing the efficient technology, the new facilities showcase Japan’s both past and future.  ...

Visit Japan’s New Family Destinations

(New York, NY, November 9, 2011) -- With large varieties of cultural attractions, Japan awaits family travelers.  There will be more facilities opening in Japan in the coming year that will entertain both young and old. CMAGLEV and Railway Park Known as the country...

Updates From Tokyo

(New York, NY, September 22, 2011) -- Japan’s capital city never stops in fall and winter.  Tokyo, where old and new cohabits, evolves with more innovative, cultural and creative facilities. Be Magical at the Tokyo DisneySea: The Tokyo DisneySea ® Park, a part of the...

A Message From the Governor of Tokyo

Dear Friends, It gives me great pleasure to send you the message from Tokyo Governor Shintaro Ishihara, explaining the current situation in Tokyo three months after the tragedy of the Great East Japan Earthquake. The Governor of Tokyo delivered a message to welcome...

Japan Open for Safe Travel

New York City, NY-- The first month after its major earthquake has been an important recovery time for Japan, despite international media releasing floods of extensive coverage on the post-catastrophe situation. Thanks to international relief and Japan’s resilience,...

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