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Brazilia, Brazil, and Travel Serendipity

Brazilia, Brazil, and Travel Serendipity Who actually plans a trip to Brazilia, Brazil’s made-to-order capital city? Not me. It was, however, a three-day stop en route from Rio de Janeiro to the Amazon. I can’t say that Brasilia is enchanting or charming by...

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Blue Eyes and Brazilian Hospitality

As an American of Northern European ancestry, I have never considered my somewhat pale features to be anything out of the ordinary. In fact, I would laugh at the notion of ever being considered “exotic”. However, on a recent trip to Brazil, I found that my features...

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The Samba of Rio de Janeiro

I never became an extraordinary samba dancer in my week's trip to the city.  I tried three times, moved the feet, and acted like I knew what I was doing - but I didn't.  I still don't understand the steps of the quick samba. But I do understand the vibe and rhythm of...

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January´s River, Brazil

There is no river here from what I can find, but still Rio de Janeiro goes by the name.  It´s a huge bay with a lot of action coming in and out of its ports.  But clearly that is not why I came here for a week (from Montevideo, Uruguay) - to get a glimpse of the...

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In the Steps of Werner Herzog

I am usually a mountain person when it comes to trips. However, there is one place in the tropics that has always captured my interest, and that is the Amazon basin in the rain forests of Brazil. The Amazon basin is the largest drainage basin in the world. The river...

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Talking with the Cheese, Club Med Brazil

How things change. There was a time when I viewed Club Med as a swinging singles destination, but with the new relaxed atmosphere and kid friendly grounds, Club Med has reinvented itself and continues to expand -- not unlike the bug bite I received somewhere in...

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New Nonstop São Paulo, Brazil to Los Angeles

Thank the great flight route maker in the sky. My trip to Brazil from Los Angeles was based on no direct flights out of Los Angeles, which added a good six hours and layover time in Miami to Brazil. So good news for Brazil fans in LA. -Editor ITKT- LOS ANGELES – LA...

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Club Med Rio das Pedras (video podcast)

Jason Fitzpartick of In The Know Traveler recently visited Club Med Rio das Pedras. On top of enjoying Club Med, we recommend exploring coastal Brazil with great sailing at Costa Verde, day trips to the wonderful colonial town of Paraty and Rio de Janeiro, and hiking...

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The Green Coast of Brazil (video podcast)

This is the first video on my recent trip to Brazil. I grabbed my camera-ready tour guide, Paulo, for a brief interview on the area, an hour and a half outside of Rio de Janeiro, known as Costa Verde. Talk about green! As I am told, there are 365 small islands in the...

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The Costa Verde

The last time I was in a boat, one half the passengers screamed for the lives. The other half thought about their mortality while clenching/using sea-sickness bags -- I just kept popping Dramamine. So when the idea of sailing anywhere sounded like a gamble....

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Club Med Rio das Pedras

Club Med Rio Das Pedras Basks in the Heart of Brazil’s Green Coast Americans Discover the Resort of Choice for Brasilieros Club Med Rio das Pedras takes its name in tribute to its neighbor, the Rio das Pedras Ecological Reserve, which generously provides a lush...

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Iguazu Falls Honeymoon Package

Iguazú Grand Hotel Launches a "Legendary" Honeymoon Package According to Guarani legend, Iguazú Falls was once just an ordinary river that God, in a furious rage, sliced into hundreds of waterfalls (today there are over 275 falls). He was condemning the forbidden love...

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