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A Shooting Star Over Baghdad

Tonight's flight to Doha is a bit different than last night’s flight to Istanbul from Toronto. Nine out of ten passengers are men over the age of 50 and I’m one of five women. There is a lot of snoring happening compared to this morning's cries of small children. The...

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12 Tips to Travel Muslim Countries

From the moment you enter your credit card number and hit accept you are in for an adventure. Traveling to a foreign country is exciting, educational, and at times scary. Whether you choose a guided tour when you arrive, or decide to channel your inner Indiana Jones...

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“You married or single?” Ali asks me bluntly. I am in Iraq wearing a flak jacket and Kevlar helmet – I do not feel feminine at all. I am not surprised when I am greeted as “sir” in all my gear so his question takes me off guard. “What?” I ask. I have just introduced...

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Iraq blog

No matter how you feel politically about the war, right thing/wrong thing/indifferent, this commemoration speaks volumes. Put up by a peace delegation to mark the 5th anniversary of "Mission Accomplished," it fills the entire quad at OSU. One red flag for every five...

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Austrian Airlines to Add Iraq

New York- November 10, 2006: Austrian Airlines will become the first European airline to fly to Iraq, it was announced today by Paul Paflik, General Manager the Americas, with its commencement of flights to the northern Iraqi city of Erbil on December 11. Erbil is...

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