Finally, All the Information about How to Travel for Free that No One Talks About!
Your Only Requirement is a Genuine Love of Travel!

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Devin Galaudet

Devin Galaudet

Editor-in-Chief of In The Know Traveler

I can show you how to:

  • Experience luxury travel without having to be a millionaire

  • Create opportunities to have the life you want without sacrificing time

  • Treat traveling for free as either a possible business or the best hobby of all time

Here’s Just Some of What You’ll Get!

Module #1: Beat the Competition ($500 value)

Learn the right way to approach and develop relationships with industry contacts and leave your competition in the dust!

Module #2: Value Creation Pro ($500 value)

Learn the fasted and easiest ways to provide incredible content with monster strategies to super charge your value.

Module #3 A Lifetime of Trips ($500 value)

Get my techniques to get invited back again and again. This is how I have received over $400,000 in real, free travel!

Get What You Need Live Q&A ($500 value)

I will answer all of your questions in this exclusive event!

Essential Travel Writers Guide ($199 value)

These are the rules to writing great travel articles and includes a glossary of terms every future traveler needs to sound like a seasoned pro. An absolute must!

My Trip Attracting Letter Templaes, 10-Minute Article Templates and Easy Peasy Summary Notes ($525 value)

Get the actual letters I send, creation tools I use and my notes for each module!

Insider Tips from Travel Industry Pros ($250 value)

Get 68-pages of insights from the tourism decision makers who will tell you exactly who comes on free trips!

Added Bonuses: Get my Travel Rockstar Checklist, Private Facebook Group, and 30-Minute, 1-on-1, Quick Start Strategy Session with me! ($475 Value)

You will have every opportunity to ask questions and stay organized in this fantastic done-for-you program!

Total Value $3434

Today Just $347

This is an impressive course – it gives the practical information you need to begin building relationships and getting trips, gathered through years of experience doing just that. And yes, I enjoyed it thoroughly!

Steve Smith

Portland, OR

The Travel for Free Accelerator has been the key to my success as a travel writer. Prior to this class, I had no experience in travel writing, much less the confidence. Devin provided his step-by-step guides and years of experience to ease my fear. Not long after completing the class, Devin helped my post my first article. Devin continues to help even after the course is finished. This is by far the best value out there! The small investment pays for itself very quickly. I would have never found the personal coaching anywhere else.

Andrea Albino

Instagram: @theluggagetag

Yes, Traveling for free is a real thing. People wonder how Devin and I can afford to get married 100 times in a 100 countries. The secret? Free travel! This system really works. Blows my mind!

Morgana Rae

Money Goddess & Provocatrix, Morgana Rae

Devin’s Travel Accelerator class over delivered. It’s clear that he’s an expert. He knows all the ins and outs of traveling for free, and he was very generous with his experience and information, including both the do’s and don’ts. Also, the support he provides is amazing. Thank you, Devin!

Marya Summers

CEO, Wholly Creative

Let me congratulate you and thank you for the course. I’ve purchased several “how to be a travel writer/ photographer/ travel-for-free” courses and yours is, by far, the best!

Kira Palmer

Writer, Photographer and Videographer