Special website with tips on the most interesting “delights” in Holland

In 2008, travelers to Holland can expand their Dutch horizons with a visit to
the country’s best kept secrets. Under the title “A 1000 Dutch Delights,” the
Netherlands Board of Tourism & Conventions (NBTC) has launched a series of
tips on the most unusual locations in Holland, sites not well known to the
wider community. These “delights” have been selected throughout the
country in the areas of Culture, History, Gastronomy and Lodging.

offers cultural heritage gems such as beautiful historic towns, special
regions, outdoor spaces, fortresses and waterlines. Half the country is below
sea level and this has given Holland exceptional, but less well-known
landscapes: wetlands, polders and moorlands unique in Europe. Holland boasts
a growing list of restaurants with Michelin stars to their names and these and
others can be found for instance inside factories, towers and small castles.
Among Holland’s “1000 Dutch Delights” are hotels offering artistic, historical or
fun style rooms and B&B’s housed in country homes, monasteries and farms.
Sleeping in a castle, boat, lighthouse or haystack, these unexpected delights
are only a short distance away from Amsterdam.


The website contains information on a number of Dutch Delights in Holland,
gems which are unfamiliar to most foreign visitors. Travelers can get tips on
unusual accommodations, restaurants, as well as original sites of interest and
activities that can be done during their trip. All gems have been selected
based on exclusivity, quality and originality. The website is extremely easy to
navigate, shows beautiful images, provides suggested itineraries throughout
six of Holland’s provinces, as well as recommendations on what “to do,”
where “to eat,” where “to sleep,” and how “to get there” information.

-Spending a night in the Harlingen lighthouse
-Cycling through the caves of Maastricht
-Going on a canoe safari through “Noord-Holland”
-Dining at Restaurant Auberge de Campveerse Toren in Zeeland, a town inn
since 1400.

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