For the first time ever, American visitors represent the largest single tourism market for Tanzania, attracting a record high of 58,379 in 2007. Taking over from the traditional place held by the UK market, the number is even greater when the US is combined with Canada (North America), 83,930 in 2007. Supporting this growth of tourism from North America to mainland Tanzania and the spice islands of Zanzibar, is the fact that the number of American and Canadian tour operators offering Tanzania as a stand-alone destination has also soared.

"The jump in US and Canadian visitors can be attributed to several factors," said Hon. Shamsa Selengia Mwangunga, Minister of Natural Resources and Tourism for the United Republic of Tanzania. "One is Tanzania's aggressive promotion, particularly in the past year. Significantly, so successful have these efforts been that Tourism now exceeds Agriculture as Tanzania's leading economic sector. A total of 750,000 tourists in all are expected in Tanzania this year. They are predicted to bring in revenue of about $950 million dollars. Second, but of major importance for tourists, is the fact that Tanzania is a peaceful and stable country, with a democratically elected government, strong ties with the US and warm friendly people."

Peter Mwenguo, Managing Director, Tanzania Tourist Board, added, "we are confident that this trend will continue as we begin to see the results of our first ever TV Broadcast campaign, launched in September 2007, on CNN USA." The campaign, Tanzania "“ Land of Kilimanjaro, Zanzibar and the Serengeti" appeared on CNN, CNN Headline News, CNN Airports and It culminated in a Tanzania Sweepstakes on in March which resulted in 39,000 plus entries.

Simultaneous to the TV Campaign targeting the American travelers, TTB launched a Tanzania Travel Agent Specialist program through Travel Agent University. More than 500 travel agents completed the course earning certificates qualifying them as Tanzania Specialists.

"In order to ensure the quality of the tourism experience, and continue this fast-paced growth," said TTB Director of Marketing, Amant Macha, "Tanzania has facilitated increased air access, built new hotels expanding the number of luxury properties on the Mainland and in Zanzibar and improved infrastructure and tarmac roads on safari circuits. We are also diversifying our product, putting greater emphasis on the Southern Circuit, where we have Ruaha National Park, the largest in Africa, and the Selous Game Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage Site."

About Tanzania
Tanzania, the largest country in East Africa, is focused on wildlife conservation and sustainable tourism, with approximately 25 % of the land protected by the Government. It boasts 15 National Parks and 32 game reserves. It is the home of the tallest mountain in Africa, the legendary Mt. Kilimanjaro; The Serengeti, named in October, 2006, the New 7th Wonder of the World by USA Today and Good Morning America; the world acclaimed Ngorongoro Crater, often called the 8th Wonder of the World; Olduvai Gorge, the cradle of mankind: the Selous, the world's largest game reserve; Ruaha, now the largest National Park in Africa; the spice islands of Zanzibar; and seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Most important for tourism, the Tanzanian people are warm and friendly, speak English, although Kiswahili is the national language, and the country is an oasis of peace and stability with a democratic and stable government.

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