Most of my day was spent in a van cruising along the roads leading out of Mazatlan. I whizzed passed lots of green rolling hills with construction, cows, stray dogs and a curious pair of copulating donkeys on the side of the road. The goal for the day was to visit some of the outlining towns nearby Mazatlan — definitely worth the trip.

Malpica was my first stop for beautiful handmade tiles (I bought a matched pair of tiles to be used as coasters on my bare coffee table) and baked sweets in a wood burning oven. Concordia and Copala are Colonial towns. Think old, cobble-stoned, charm and with tradition plazas. As a hack photographer, both are wildly photogenic with streets that seem to be designed and buildings painted while someone might have been drinking — again think old, cobble-stoned, charm, not drunk.

In Copala, check out Daniels, a restaurant/silver mine — yes, you read that correctly — serves tasty traditional fare and has a short catacomb below the restaurant floor. Also, ask Dave to have him show you the photo of the matador.

Today off to a travel industry brunch. More later…