The eagle has landed in Athens, namely me. To be honest my expectations were low — I have heard some very mixed reviews. From my end, I always question why people don’t like a particular place. What is it exactly that bothers them? Is it the food, customs, hotels? In my experience, I rarely hear something that prevents a good time. If I were to guess, I’d say expectations of home don’t live up when you’re not at home.

I have wandered the city, got lost in it, found my way and managed the Parthenon, lunch, and a short city tour that included the government buildings and the changing of the guards. I have seen tiny yellow cabs fill the roads and motobikes zigzag through the narrow winding streets. People are animated and stand close to each other. I feel a part of a large garage sale due to the numerous street vendors and the vibrancy that may even exceed Rome. Did I mention there is fantastic Greek food sold everywhere. I am in heaven and god is dressed as Athena — at least for today.

Written by Devin Galaudet

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