Author: Sarit Reizin

Sof Omar, Ethiopia

Never go caving with a whiner "“ he’ll scare off all the bats. I entered Sof Omar cave with a mandatory guide in tow "“ a teenager in a leather jacket. As soon as I turned the corner my respectable guide began...

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Bale Mountains

Just as the little bastard had probably planned it, only a few kilometers later I’ve discovered that the basket of berries he sold me was half full with banana leafs. Cursing aloud, but smiling inside, I had admit to...

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Love Ethiopia

Ethiopia is one of the most interesting, memorable, and difficult countries in Africa, and I’m happy to say I was in love with it at first sight. The countryside is lovely. I never knew if the subject of my next...

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Travel Africa, Nairobi Airport

Africa might not seem like a spontaneous travel destination, but rest assured that in certain parts of this continent, Kenya for example, is, even the last minute no-plans-whatsoever visitors, a place of adventure. Coming out...

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