I thought it was a beginning of a tornado, but then another one appeared, and another. Pillars of copper sand twisted and grew with every spin, rising high into the sky. Some were as big in diameter as a decent sized hut, and as one of the twisters approached a village I almost jumped out of the car screaming for the villagers to take cover. But the villagers saw it coming, and as they seemed to be unbothered, I too calmed down and watched the twisting column sweep by, gaining speed and strength until the sand and wind had no more to give, and then gradually wilting away – dissolving into the dusty landscape ready to feed the next dust devil.

The dirt twisters are inseparable part of the Amboseli National Park landscape; even the name of the park comes from Maasai word emposeli which, according to some sources, means “dirt devil”. However, the star attraction of Amboseli are the swamps fed by Mt’ Kilimanjaro’s glaciers filled to the brim with elephants, wildebeests, hyenas, lions, and hundreds of different water birds "“ all with majestic Kili as the backdrop to set the mood.

Location: Amboseli, Kenya

Born in Ukraine, raised in Israel, and acquiring her higher education in the US, Sarit Reizin is proud to call herself a citizen of the world. However, to stay worthy of the title, she felt a nomadic lifestyle was in order, and in November 2005 left the comforts of the first world with no desire of coming back any time soon. http://HopStopTravel.com