Author: Sarit Reizin

Cats and Caves

I feel caged in big cities sometimes, so I was more than happy to get back to Nature, even though it meant climbing down into the musty and stinky Arnhem Caves of Namibia in search of bats. Ankle-deep in guano, we searched in...

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Living Desert

In a seemingly dead place, barren of any signs of life, only by reading the “Bushman’s newspaper” – tracks in the sand, he found them all and then showed to us on an outstretched hand. I’ve learned...

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Cheetah Chaterbox

If you ever scratched behind a cat’s ear and heard it purr, you know how hypnotizing and sweet this faint tractor-like sound is. Now keeping that in mind, try to imagine what a purring cheetah sounds like. Namibian...

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