Sometimes, it seems like Ethiopia is all lakes, birds, and monasteries. Dirty swimming water and organized religion I can do without, but after seeing a silvery-cheeked hornbill I doubt that I could keep living my life and not become a serious twitcher – a bird-watcher who tries to spot as many rare varieties as possible.

My new found obsession with birds reached its peak when I spotted a man selling lovebirds in a wire cage on the side of the road. These green parakeets are extremely sensitive wild fowl that does not belong in a cage, but the country does little to protect them, so I took the matters into my own hands: I snatched the birds, and leaving the poacher to bite the dust, told my driver to hit the gas. I released the birds a few kilometers later.

Location: South Rift Valley, Ethiopia
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Born in Ukraine, raised in Israel, and acquiring her higher education in the US, Sarit Reizin is proud to call herself a citizen of the world. However, to stay worthy of the title, she felt a nomadic lifestyle was in order, and in November 2005 left the comforts of the first world with no desire of coming back any time soon.