Many people ask which type camera or lens they should buy and I always answer them with a question or two. What is your level of experience and what type of photography are you interested in? The truth is a disposable film camera can capture an award winning photo for under $20 and the top of the line DSLR equipped with a lens that cost more than my first house can take horrible pictures. After I find out what type shooting someone wants to do, I always guide them to websites where they can read reviews by both camera professionals and consumers.

Michael-Lynch-Camera-Talk-WhereWillYouBeTravelingA pro may be influenced by his favorite brand (or sponsor) but, a consumer will tell you exactly what they think of the model they bought. A traveler has to make decisions about purchasing camera equipment based upon the type of travel they do and how much they can pack away in suitcases, carry on bags or backpacks. A pro might take a camera body and one or two lenses and rent the equipment needed for the shoot in another country. Regardless which type of camera you're leaning towards buying, one important thing many people forget is power supply. Modern lithium batteries are great, but require charging. Make sure your charger will adapt to the power source of the country you are heading. In the some remote countries you may be better off having a camera that uses alkaline batteries; they're available almost everywhere. Ask your travel agent about your destination country's power supply and availability of batteries to avoid spending your vacation buying disposable cameras. Until next time, Happy Shooting!

Photo: Tourists hiking up the trail to Nakagusuku Castle in Okinawa, Japan
Pentax K10D, Pentax 18-250@18mm, Manfrotto 725B Tripod, Cable Release

mikelynch200A wildlife photographer living in Okinawa, Japan, Mike has been featured in Matador Abroad and is published in Apogee Photo Magazine, Boots N all, The Nihon Sun and Photo Guide Japan. He has recently joined the ranks of travel writers, capturing Nature, Festivals, Castles and Cultural shots of the Ryukyu Islands to share with the world.