Odeon3 by Jesse SiglowAs I discussed in my last story about lugging a tripod to Greenland, sometimes the extra work is worth the effort. Along a similar line there is another crucial camera accessory worth lugging to Greenland, as well as any other destination with inviting landscapes. Fortunately, it can fit in a camera bag and weighs almost nothing. The circular polarizing filter is a screw-on lens attachment that reduces glare, increases clarity by dropping an equivalent of two F-stops, and saturates color to any photo, but especially to landscapes. This means bluer skies and livelier and richer color in photos without having to resort to Photoshop. This photo was taken by Jesse Siglow and offers dynamic color and great contrast between Turkey's Odeon and the sky. I am looking forward to fewer skies that have a whitened effect, which deaden otherwise remarkable photography.

With a price tag at around $60, a circular polarizing filter is a no-brainer and easy to take on your next great trip. Of course, Greenland is still ahead and I will look to see how it handles intense glare and contrasts ice, snow, and overcast sky.

Written by Devin Galaudet

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