Montserrat hosts photographic workshops

Montserrat, West Indies "“ May 9, 2008 "“ Montserrat's deserted sand beaches, green valleys and lush rainforests offer a picturesque backdrop for photographers seeking that one-of-a-kind shot. Canadian photographer Tony Hadley, up-and-coming American photographer Matthew Murray and Carolyne Colby, an expert landscape and travel photographer will be hosting two photographic workshops this summer and fall. They will take place at the Turtle Bay Apartments June 30 "“ July 6, 2008 and October 6 "“ October 12, 2008.
The workshops are geared towards providing aspiring photographers the opportunity to explore and capture the unspoiled scenery on this secluded Caribbean paradise. They will also gain invaluable knowledge in the uses and techniques of cameras. The first workshop, held June 30 "“ July 6, will be instructed by Canadian photographer Tony Hadley and will include sessions on marketing, landscapes and travel photography. There will also be opportunities for participants to practice out in the field, as well as having their photographs published with local agencies.
The second workshop will take place October 6 "“ 12 and will showcase the work of American photographer, Matthew Murray, who specializes in fine art photographs of abandoned buildings, as well as photoshop techniques. For those who crave adventure, organizers have arranged a photographic excursion to Plymouth (volcano conditions permitting) to view and capture the Soufriere Hills Volcano.
The fee for the workshop is $600 USD that includes hands on instructions and daily field trips/excursions. To register and for more information, visit
Montserrat, a lush green and mountainous island of approximately 39 square miles, lies in the Eastern Caribbean chain of islands. Known fondly as the Emerald Isle of the Caribbean, this pear shaped island is a traveler's paradise for nature lovers, divers, adventurers, family and villa vacationers, and honeymooners. This British overseas territory boasts the spectacular Soufrière Hills Volcano, a modern day Pompeii in the form of its buried former capital city Plymouth. For more information on Montserrat and its breathtaking scenery and unspoiled, unpolluted coral and volcanic vistas, visit