I don’t know how it happened, but I have become a Canon person. True, I use Canon cameras — have for years. Actually, I had started with an old Rebel SLR. When I bought a new camera, I just took my old lenses and got a new camera bodies. I didn’t think much about it. Of course, then there were Nikon users, they had a rich and glorious photographic history behind them. As I recall, it was what the pros used, or at least what I imagined. Then, I was told by a photographer once that you have to be one or the other — sounded ridiculous to me. Photographers were either Nikon people or Canon people. However, there seems to be a truth to it. I work with a lot of professional photographers and have never seen anything but Canon or Nikon strapped to their necks. Having said that, Canon is still the overall winner by the amount of photo pros using Canon to those using Nikon. I am certain Nikons are just as good. I usually hear something about the “glass” and the “feel.” Two nebulous words that could mean almost anything. Having said that, I have a friend that takes great pictures with an old manual Pentax. He studied lighting and composition and doesn’t click the shutter unless he’s inspired. Having said that, I wonder how much of this is just marketing?

Written by Devin Galaudet

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