*The Cancun CVB reinforces the promotion in the United States through seminars attended by 600 travel agents in seven cities*

In order to attract more tourism and with a higher acquisition power during the Winter and Easter vacation seasons, the Cancun Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) organized seminars during February and March in seven cities of the United States, with the participation of over 600 travel agents.

As part of the direct promotion currently carried out in the United States, Cancun CVB, jointly with the wholesaler operating company, Tryp Taylor, participated in five seminars in the cities of Boston, Cherry Hill, White Plains, Atlanta and Walnut Creek, which main objective was to show the tourist attractions of this vacation center.

Individually, the CVB also carried out its own seminars in Seattle and Portland, strategic cities and business feeders for this destination. Here, they invited the travel agents to join the specialization program of the Cancun Tourism Institute (Instituto de Turismo de Cancún, in Spanish), in order to be updated about the great advantages and added values offered by this vacation center over the rest of its competitors in the Caribbean.

Jointly with the wholesaler operating company, Tryp Taylor, meetings were held with 120 travel agents from Boston and Maine, who organize charter flights of airlines such as Jet Blue, Delta, Continental, American Airlines and Aeroméxico.

On the other hand, in February 20 a successful seminar was held at Cherry Hill, New York with 85 travel agents focused on the high acquisition power market that uses the Philadelphia airport to travel through airlines such as US Airways, Continental and Delta.

Also, a promotional event took place in New York, with 200 executives from BBVA Bancomer and from The New York Times, and with the participation of approximately two thousand people including travel agents, businesses and final consumers.

In White Plans 103 travel agents participated in promoting the attractions of the destination among the American tourism that uses whether the JFK or Newark airports to fly to Cancun through Jet Blue, American Airlines, Continental, Delta, and, at a lesser extent, Mexicana and Aeroméxico.

In Atlanta, on March 4, 2008, a seminar took place with 85 of the best travel sellers of the city and agencies focused on the high acquisition power market.

A meeting of 120 travel agents who sell tourism packages including flights departing from Oakland and San Francisco airports through Mexicana, Delta, Alaska Airlines, Continental and United took place in March 11, at Walnut Creek.

Important partners of Cancun such as Pleasant Holidays, Travel Connections, Mexico Unlimited, Palace Resorts, Westin and Real Resorts joined the seminars individually organized by the Cancun CVB.

On each event, various promotional materials about this destination and about Puerto Morelos, including interactive maps, videos and general information were handed out.

Finally, the CVB announced that in May, the British airline Monarch Airlines will restart operations with two weekly flights between London and Cancun, apart from promoting this destination in the magazine that is distributed in their flights.