Esta Casa es su Casa "“ Casa Oasis is your Home

Lately many publications are touting the virtues of Todos Santos for visitors. Among these, and hands down the best, is Casa Oasis.

Located on the Baja California peninsula 1½ hours from the Los Cabos airport but a world away, this town's bisected by a highway that anywhere else would be designated by the government as a "Scenic Drive". Once I arrived in Todos Santos it simply oozed Mexican charm.

Un Alquiler de Vacaciones – Your Vacation Home

Patricia and Charles, owners of the vacation rental Casa Oasis Todos Santos, tell me this town is still the Baja of yesteryear. From their spot 10 minutes from downtown, complete with a view of the Pacific and overlooking the oasis that attracted Spanish Missionaries, I experienced a full week in this haven of tranquility.

After leaving her previous life in the Mexican Tourist Department, Patricia is now well connected to the local tourism scene. Her many contacts make it possible to give quality recommendations on things to do, places to eat and visit.

On the other hand, Charles' background is in IT and the hi-tech features of the house amply display this. A hobby of his is botany and he’s planted an edible garden bordering the property. He invited me to each morning to top my breakfast cereal with homegrown mangoes, banana, and papaya.

The features of this house set a standard for home-style vacation luxury. A few of those amenities are:

  • A fully outfitted kitchen so cooking is not a problema. Complete with dishes, pots and pans, glasses, dining and cooking utensils, gas stove and oven, refrigerator, it even offers a sink and window with a stunning view of the coast.
  • The rooftop outdoor grill and dining patio desk makes a perfect spot to cook a lunch and watch for whales. Alternatively, prepare a dinner and catch a sunset or view the evening stars through the 10-inch reflector telescope.
  • Colonial Mexican furnishings in the dining and living areas, with streaming flat-screen televisions for evening entertainment.
  • A triple-filtered water supply. While locals tell me the water is OK to drink, plumbing the entire house with filtered water removes all doubts.
  • There is Wi-Fi coverage of the outdoor pool and property "“ need I say more?
  • Plus the beach, lagoon and oasis are a short 5 minute walk away. Have Charles and his two rescue dogs Smiley and Canela join you.

Todos Santos "“ A Magical Town

To an American ear, Todos Santos (All Saints) is an unusual town name "“ it has that Old World feel to it. In fact, it shares this moniker with many towns on the continent, but what sets it apart is the special status the government’s given it as a Pueblo Magico.

One of many stories about how it came about goes like this: with the establishment of a mission here the local Indians were so enthralled by these Catholic icons the outpost was named to honor all the saints.

Whatever the origin of the name, with a bountiful underground aquifer capped by a lush tropical oasis, Todos Santos soon flourished as the sugar cane capital of Baja. Until the water ran out 60 years ago, that is.

Today those sugar mills are gone, but the water has returned to this diverse town of locals, artists, surfers, and adventurous American ex-pats. The local scene's art galleries, serious culinary restaurants, surf schools, cafes and yoga studios are permeated with spirituality, creativity and outdoor adventure. Check out these other in-town amenities too:

  • Guaycura Skylounge – rooftop dining, al fresco, with a view overlooking the oasis.
  • El Mirador Restaurant "“ locals all tell me it's the best in town. Hanging on a bluff a couple hundred feet over the Pacific, the sunsets here are fantastic.
  • El Faro Beach Club and Spa "“ as members, the owners will secure you guest passes for these facilities: swimming pool, beach facilities, cabanas, changing rooms. Also on-site are a bar and restaurant.
  • Eco Adventures Historic Downtown City Tour "“ a guided walk through the Spanish Old Town. Declared a Pueblo Magico by the government, this enforces restoration guidelines that preserve the hand-made adobe brick and hidden courtyards of that classic style.

Oh … I neglected to mention one other "“ Casa Oasis’ off-street parking is a nice amenity too!

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Written by: Steve Smith

steve smith pic Steve inherited the wanderlust and has always needed to see what's around the next corner. In his college years he enjoyed many memorable (and cheap) forays into Mexico sleeping under the stars, but today that's all changed. Since 2006 he's contributed stories and photographs to In The Know Traveler, and in 2014 he assumed an editor role with the same. Published both in digital and print formats, his international assignments have taken him to the Middle East, Asia, North/Latin/South America, Europe, and the Caribbean. Follow his Facebook page Steve's Roadtrippin' Travels that spotlights both his photography and how his road travels intersect with digital storytelling using dynamic space-age mapping technology.

Todos Santos map built by Steve Smith, all rights reserved

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