From 17 May 2008 there is an extra good reason to visit Copenhagen: The National Museum of Denmark‘s permanent exhibition Danish Prehistory is reopening in a new, modern design. And admission is free.

Highlights like the Vikings’ gold and silver hoards, the 3400-year-old and quite unique Sun Chariot and the contemporary Egtved Girl, with her knee-length cord skirt, have been given a central placing. So even if you only have time for a 'flying visit’, you can get a fine overall impression of Danish prehistory from the first Ice Age hunters to the Viking campaigns.

Denmark’s prehistory – and the world’s
The new exhibition puts Danish prehistory into a global context with lots of 'windows’ to the surrounding world. Sounds, belts and seas were the freeways of the distant past, so since the Stone Age Denmark has had particularly good access to the rest of Europe, and sometimes all the way to the Middle East. Several of the highlights of the exhibition have found their way over great distances – for example the great silver vessel, The Gundestrup Cauldron, comes from what is today Romania or Bulgaria.

New design
Modern Danish design has been given its place in prehistory: The highly respected Danish architectural firm schmidt hammer lassen has designed the exhibition. In Danish Prehistory the light – including daylight – has been used to create moods from room to room. Some of the rooms have a special 'stage design’, so that the sensory experiences vary throughout the exhibition.

Easy to find one’s way around

Much has been done to help the visitor’s orientation in the new exhibition. Highlights are emphasized so you cannot miss them. Supplementary finds and brief texts make it possible to dip further into history, and seating invites you to sit down and enjoy the atmosphere or particularly beautiful exhibits. With the continuous timeline you can always check on where you are in history – 1,000 years pass quickly. And if you need a break among the many impressions, the restaurant offers refreshments, while the museum shop tempts you with its selection of quality souvenirs.

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