Put fresh ingredients, cutlery, and pans in my hands and expect a disaster. However, I have developed an educated palette over the years. I also know when something is so particularly delicious that I have no choice but to sing off of roof tops to offer well-deserved praises.

After strolling with my wife along the quaint pedestrian walkway of Oia on Santorini just after sunset, a local bakery drew my attention and, shortly after, drew €2.40 out of my pocket for a huge piece of baklava.

After getting the baklava back to my seaside villa and feeding the stray cats some day-old pizza, I set to sharing the treat with my wife. After one bite, I knew this was the best dessert I had ever eaten.

So where does a weary traveler re-energize with Baklava in Greece? Check out Melenio (Μελενιο) at Oia-Santorini (sadly, there are no address numbers here, but it is near the ‘Easy Internet at the Best Western in Oia with the desserts all downstairs) Cafe – Patisserie or call 22860 71149, but no one speaks English well.

Written by Devin Galaudet

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