Suriname, Rainforest at Kabalebo Nature

KABALEBO NATURE RESORT, SURINAME "“ In 1674, the British traded a vast region of rain forests on the northeast coast of South America to the Dutch for a cold, wet sliver of land in North America called New Amsterdam.  While the British lost their new colony (renamed New York) a little more than a century later, the Dutch held on to Suriname until 1975.

Suriname and “The Wild Coast”

Suriname (formerly Dutch Guiana) is perhaps one of the last untamed places in South America "“ a land of winding rivers, dense swamps along the coast and virtually unexplored rain forest covering 85 percent of the country. The Dutch explorers who first settled here called it "de Wilde Kust" or "The Wild Coast".

A new 8-day, 7-night independent tour program to Suriname will give the inquisitive traveler a chance to explore a region undisturbed by modern-day tourism.  You'll spend four nights at the Kabalebo Nature Resort in the heart of the Amazon rain forest, accessible only by air.

About Kabalebo Nature Resort in Suriname

Kabalebo is 150 miles from the nearest road or village, and is operated by descendants of the original Amerindian inhabitants and African maroons (retribalized slaves who escaped into the interior in the 17th century). Accommodations at Kabalebo feature double rooms with private showers and air conditioning. During your stay, there will be a wide variety of activities — jungle walks, canoeing, boat trips on the river system, and spotting exotic wildlife including giant anteaters, harpy eagles, black caiman, giant river otters and arapaima (the world's largest scaled fresh water fish). Perhaps you will even see jaguar, a truly memorable sight.

You will also spend three nights in Paramaribo, the charming capital of Suriname; a small city full of 18th and 19th-century colonial building of wood and handmade brick, a town of canals, plantations, and a populace speaking twenty different languages.  A half-day tour of the city is included.
"Kabalebo Nature Resort: the Surinamese Rain Forest" is offered by The Great Canadian Travel Company and is priced at $1441 per person, double occupancy.  Single occupancy is $1618.

Program at the nature resort

The program includes accommodation for four nights at Kabalebo and three nights in Paramaribo, a half day tour of Paramaribo, and three full day and two half-day adventure tours at Kabalebo.  Also included: all meals at Kabalebo and round trip air between Paramaribo and the resort. There are daily departures throughout 2013.

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