See the Effects of Global Warming First-Hand

Global warming. You've read about it, heard about it on television but likely never have witnessed first-hand its troubling impact on this planet. Now you can, by joining one of a series of "Changing Climate" tour programs scheduled to visit the high Arctic this summer.

Each program is designed to bring ordinary folk into the Arctic regions to witness for themselves the environmental and social impact of our changing climate. They will look at geographical issues such as glaciers, open water and exposed coastlines"”as well as community issues"”from a wide variety of perspectives.

Qeqertarsuaq in Greenland is where you might find yourself dogsledding during the summer months bathed in the glow of the midnight sun. Eqi glacier, also in Greenland, is where you can go by boat close to its edge and watch it "calving""”sending big pieces of ice breaking off and crashing into the fjord.

Perhaps you'll visit Cambridge Bay in Canada's Nunavut Territory. Cambridge Bay is known also as Ikaluktutiak, which translates to " Good Fishing Place." And so it is. In fact, you may wish to grab a fishing rod and catch an arctic char for dinner along the banks of Freshwater Creek. Just five minutes out of town you'll find large numbers of musk ox grazing lazily.

Superb environmentalists well-experienced in their fields and very experienced guides will lead each tour. The tours aim to explore and explain, bringing a fascinating "generalist" dialog to this media-saturated issue. They enable visitors to go and see for themselves!

You'll join with local folks at a specially arranged meeting to discuss environmental changes they are experiencing as a very real aspect of their day-to-day life. You'll travel with experts such as David Hatch, an environmentalist who has specialized for many years in the flora and fauna of the north and the way of life of its communities, and with Robert R. Taylor, a naturalist-photographer with more than 40 years of experience.

These programs are offered by The Great Canadian Travel Company, that for more than a quarter of a century has provided adventurous travelers with a unique "Window to the Top of the World." It has compiled the expertise and "insider" contacts to build its reputation as the specialists on travel to the north.

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