$21,000 for a week of skiing. Per Person. No, it’s not a typo. With the introduction of its Nomads Week in 2008, CMH – the largest Heli-Skiing company in the world — has formulated what may be the most expensive ski trip ever offered. The exclusive trip will consist of only eight skiers, accompanied by three guides, and will span two mountain ranges in British Columbia and five separate Heli-Skiing areas – an expanse that amounts to half the size of Switzerland. Much like a chauffeur-driven limousine, a private helicopter will be at the beck and call of this exclusive group to shuttle them to the very best — far-flung, yet exceptional — skiing among a vast amount of spectacular, and un-skied, terrain.

Trips will start skiing in the north, in the Monashee Mountains, and work south to the Selkirk Mountains, ultimately ending in Kooteney. To insure the utmost safety at all times, one guide will be used exclusively for snow safety work and flagging helicopter landings in advance of the skiing group. Accommodations for the first part of the week will be at CMH’s Monashee or Adamant Lodges and the last three nights will be spent at the luxurious Halcyon Hot Springs Village and Spa.

Speaking from Banff, Marty von Neudegg, Director of Corporate Services and General Counsel for CMH, said: “As the company that invented helicopter skiing in 1965, we are constantly looking for ways to maintain our status as the vanguard of exceptional mountain experiences. We feel confident that this new trip is the most dynamic ever offered by CMH and that it will, quite literally, take our guests to new horizons.”

Trips will be available from January 26 – March 15, 2008 and cost $168,000 for 8 skiers (or $21,000 per person). 17 hours of flying time is included – extra hours of flying will be charged at a rate of $4,054/flying hour. If groups use less than 17 hours of flying, they will be refunded at a rate of $5,000/flying hour.*

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