It’s 34 degrees Centigrade and the ferry to Bequia is bobbing in the harbour swell by the quay at Kingstown. I’d arrived at 10:15 expecting the ferry to leave right on time at 10:30.

At 10:40 passengers are still arriving on board herding their acquaintances towards the few spare places still available for seating.

All of a sudden the van furthest from the entry ramp decides it no longer wants to go to Bequia; all the other vehicles in his lane reverse amidst much arm-waving and horn-honking.

Everyone returns but then the wood delivery van decides it shouldn’t go to Bequia either but the wood in the back should. There’s more reversing, arm-waving, horn-honking and shouting. The forklift arrives and plonks the planks onto the ferry and all the other vehicles have to move;√ā¬†unfortunately someone drives into the bulkhead. There’s more shouting, honking, and arm-waving. Another vehicle has blocked the forklift on the ferry and he has to reverse off.

At 10:58 we eventually leave for Port Elizabeth. It’s a peaceful crossing.

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