There are no "media events" or "mass happenings", but special and intimate events for people with a sense for the beautiful. When planning the events, the Lech Zürs Tourism Office focuses on the demands of the guests: culture, sport and enjoyment quite clearly dominate the varied series of events from 1 December 2006 to 22 April 2007.

Lech and Zürs am Arlberg are among the top holiday destinations in the Alps, with both places offering guests whatever their hearts desire. This principle also applies to the season's events.

In many places, loud media events or international "mass happenings" provide the excitement and draw.

"We want our guests to feel at home with us. This includes being able to enjoy good entertainment without being exposed to hustle and bustle or even the general public…," says Tourism Office director Gerhard Walter. Lech Zürs remains true to its principles and continues to focus on intimacy and quality. "Events that aim to fire the enthusiasm of a discriminating group of guests who we consider special people, requires sensitivity and patience. They have to grow," says Walter, who has pursued a clear direction in conceiving events since 2005. Culture, sport, enjoyment "“ these three components are the pillars that support the events in Lech Zürs, and their success proves him right. Residents and guests alike cannot image what life would be like without events such as the performance of Tosca on an ice stage by the visiting Bregenz Festival, or the sports event "The White Ring "“ the Race" in January 2007, or the Wein & Firn weeks in March and April. Another highpoint of the winter season will be when Klaus Maria Brandauer reads Mozart. The framework for the 06/07 season is formed by an exciting Start to Winter at the beginning of December and a magical Jazz Concert on the Slopes at the end of April.