My driver is navigating a winding, dangerously narrow dirt road. Not a problem, save the fact that one false move and the van will careen off the road and over the side of a cliff.

room, Peace LodgeThe white-knuckled ride proves worth it though, when I arrive at the isolated Peace Lodge in Costa Rica's cloud forest. While I've never been one for themed rooms, the inn's rock façades aplenty, faux waterfall shower and rustic wooden beams somehow seem appropriate.

Each of Peace Lodge's rooms faces the majestic Poas Volcano, which I find myself admiring each afternoon from my room's balcony hot tub.

I'm informed I can fish in the lodge's trout lake and the chef will prepare my catch for dinner if I'd like. A vegetarian, I do not take up this offer. I do, however, approve of the fishing rules posted prominently at the lake: should you lose your fishing lure, a $5 fine will be imposed: $3 to replace the lure and $2 on behalf of the fish.

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