Jin Mao Tower in Shanghai is one of the tallest skyscrapers in the world at 1260 feet tall. A glass walkway was added that allows visitors to walk around and admire the exterior of the top floor of the building.

Tourists will be able to walk around the building, at more than 1020 feet on a transparent walkway that has no railings. With a width of only 48 inches, the bridge is not recommended for those with fear of heights.

Tourists visiting the Jin Mao tower (Chinese for Golden Prosperity) will wear safety harnesses and helmets to go out on the platform and will be accompanied by a building employee. Chinese media showed a number of visitors, strapped in safety harnesses, holdings their arms and legs over the edge as if walking in the air.

Due to this new attraction tourism experts expect an increase in the number of visitors to the tower. Visitors pay 388 yuan ($58) to talk a stroll above the streets of Shanghai.