We are getting ready. The batteries are charged, the camera is ready to go. Now we just need to get some sleep and prepare our selves for the rush of the “Big Show” that is happening in Long Beach, CA tomorrow morning.

If you haven’t been to this show, it is great. There are booths from every country you know a few you have probably never heard of; a climbing wall; a SCUBA tank to experience diving firsthand. New this year is a wave tank, so expect to see scantily-clad Californians hanging-10 INSIDE the convention center!

Some of our recently-visited countries will be there: Turkey, New Zealand, Tonga, Mexico, Ireland to name a few. Many of the well-known tour operators will be there including GAP Adventures, Mountain Travel Sobek and numerous smaller outfits definitely worth looking up.

We will be shooting the event in high-def, and will post Travel Podcasts as soon as we can get the footage back to our Editor. Look for them on iTunes, here on the site and on YouTube.

If you are at the show and see us there, say hi and tell us about your impressions of the show. Hope to see you there.

Regards, Jesse & Devin
co-owners, ITKT