Boulder, CO "“ July 30, 2008 "“ With all the travel to China for the
Olympics, the rules have changed to get a Chinese visa, which impacts
many people traveling to Tibet. Here is everything you need to know to
get your Tibet travel permit and your Chinese visa.

All travelers going to Tibet will need a travel permit for Tibet, which
must be arranged for you by a local tour operator. If you are traveling
through China to get to Tibet, you will also need to get a Chinese visa
ahead of time. If you are traveling through Nepal, then you do not get
a Chinese visa ahead of time.

The travel permit to Tibet will be handled for you as they can only be
issued in Nepal or China. The visa is $135/person for U.S. citizens and
$45/person for all other countries, subject to change.

The Chinese visa must be acquired before arrival if you are flying
through a Chinese city that is not Lhasa.

You either need to apply for your visa at a Chinese visa consulate in
person, or you need to use a visa service (you cannot mail in for a

You will need to send in the following to apply for your Chinese visa:

1. Passport "“ must be valid for at least 6 months after your trip
and must have at least 2 blank pages (remember you may need more blank
pages if you are going to Nepal or Bhutan or elsewhere).
2. Chinese visa application form "“ do not mention Tibet or Hong Kong
on your application form or it will be denied. You must list your hotel
and contact information.
3. Flight itinerary "“ must show flight into Chengdu, no exit flight
is necessary.
4. Hotel confirmation "“ we will send you this for your hotel in
5. One passport size photo "” 2" x 2" on white background.
6. Visa service application form
7. Photocopies of all documents "“ keep on file.

Unless you are requesting rush service, allow 7 business days for
processing, which does not include shipping time. We recommend that you
send your visa application by FedEx or certified mail to protect your

Written by Adventures Within Reach