There were no tearful goodbyes or slamming doors. It was just a quiet, peaceful decision where are all parties involved came to the same conclusion — it just wasn’t working out. One might call it a break up, but it could be called a new door opening up. However, ITKT may still have the blues over the recent event.

In The Know Traveler’s peach side rails have been removed and replaced by a new artsy blue side rail. “We have nothing against ‘the peach things on the side,'” said ITKT Editor, Devin Galaudet. “It was just time to move on and explore other options. We wish peach all the best and know that it will succeed in all of its future endeavors.”

Unfortunately, the transition may not be without its obstacles. Maryl Celiz, ITKT On-air Personality, was visibly shaken by the news. “I have this salmon-colored sweater that I wear sometimes. Well, its not peach, but it’s really close.”

Representitives for peach did not immediately return phones calls for comment.

We at in The Know Traveler hope you like our new look.