Jeff's travels across the globe simply began as the annual escape from the Midwest winters to sunny Mexico and Central America. Traveling and living ex-pat on a shoestring, with the "I'll sell everything I'm carrying, except the clothes on my back and worry about how to get home later" mentality evolved to first class business globetrotting and "Should I transit through London or Tokyo, this time, on my way home?"

For a while, he was shuttling back and forth from an apartment in Moscow and a house in Bali, which caused many of his friends to wonder if he didn't work for the CIA. Too bad Aeroflot didn't have frequent flyer miles for those long non-stops between Moscow and Jakarta.

These days Jeff calls south Florida home base and thoroughly enjoys the cultural diversity of the Miami area. As he often jokes, "Miami's greatest asset is it proximity to the United States".

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Sunrise Symphony, San Miguel de Allende